# (void*) main page The Void Star is a self-hosted community with a common single-sign-on account system. It is running a fork of the [hackerspace.zone](https://hackerspace.zone) code. **If you are a new member here's how to [get started](/Getting_started).** * [https://login.v.st](https://login.v.st/realms/voidstar/account/) - Single Signon service with OTP and u2f via Keycloak * https://docs.v.st - Collaborative editing via Hedgedocs * https://social.v.st - Federated social media via Mastodon * https://matrix.v.st - Federated end-to-end encrypted chat via Matrix * https://events.v.st - Event scheduling via Mobilizon * https://git.v.st - Self-hosted git services via Gitea * https://cloud.v.st - File and calendar sharing via Nextcloud * https://dashboard.v.st - Status dashboards via Grafana * https://pixelfed.v.st - Federated image sharing via Pixelfed (beta) Users also have "tilde.club" of the contents of `~/public_html` in their home directories. ## Upcoming events <!-- this doesn't appear in the docs domain due to CSP, but does show up on the main domain --> <iframe src="https://v.st/html/calview.html?ics=https://events.v.st/@events/feed/ics" width="100%" height=600 style="border:0"></iframe> ## Source code ![screenshot of the gitea interface](https://docs.v.st/uploads/643fab11-75a0-459a-96cd-948475269108.png) The code is forked from https://hackerspace.zone/ and self hosted on [`git.v.st/vst/env`](https://git.v.st/vst/env) ## Dashboards ![screenshot of a complex dashboard](https://docs.v.st/uploads/71eb0050-fa88-43cc-90de-0bebc82dbb1c.png) The [container overview](https://dashboard.v.st/dashboard/snapshot/PWpuA5Ish3hiTCWaRMylaMCqKMRvBQ86) dashboard is the most eye candy. ## Hardware ![two rack mount servers leaning against the tile wall in a laundry room](https://docs.v.st/uploads/be5575a6-9607-4793-b838-d464ea01e08b.png) The `docker-compose` environment runs on a 16-core 32-GB VM on an off-lease 1U server in a laundry room data center. ## Admin links * [voidstar keycloak console](https://login.v.st/admin/voidstar/console) *